Peace Building

Training of CBRMs June ,2021 Sharia

Link CBRMs leadership with GOS police, PVCs and local Authority training, May 2021

NIDO in collaboration with UNDP  implemented the project of Assalya , Sharia , implemented the project of Assalya , Sharia ,Yassin  triangle of peace and co-existence .

The project is aim to address identified drivers of conflict in the three localities of (Assalya , Sharia ,and Yassin localities) in East Darfur which will fall under one conflict system  through  strengthening governance and rule of law institutions ,  and community resilience to resolve conflict peace fully as well as share common natural resources and basic services  to achieve durable solution and avoid farther escalation of inter-communal disputes in to a violent conflict.

Community based – reconciliation Mechanisms (CBRMs) with the participation of Youth , women ,  returnees , Nomads and other groups were selected and trained from target location areas of Assalya , Yassin and sharia localities in East Darfur State.