Nutrition Program

NIDO is currently implementing Nutrition services for U5 children and P/LW in East and south Darfur funded by UNICEF and WFP for Children under five and pregnant and lactating women in 19 nutrition centers.

The services includes OTP , TSFP , Home fortification  and MAM prevention, for the people affected by war such as ( IDPs , Returnees , Refugees and Host communities).

Community Response training:
NIDO implemented community training funded by World Vision on health services focusing on nutrition that in order to promote their attitude and behavior change such as (breastfeeding, complementary feeding, control of Vitamin A deficiency, sick child feeding etc…) conducted training in different localities ( Marshing, Otash and Diriege camp. Omgona ,  South Jebel Marra , Kirra and tolly .Sania Deliba .

Integrated Health and Nutrition Project:
NIDO is currently implementing community outreach services which facilitating the way of finding the nutrition defaulters, conducting sessions and health messages and encouraging the P/Lw to come to the centers for further follow up. This program is supported by IMC in deferent camps of IDPs and returnees areas  (Kalm, Alsalam , Tyba and Liyba ).

In South Jebel Marra  NIDO , area of Kirra and Tolly  is providing community outreach services that including sessions and health messages, TFC and PLW tracing defaulters, awareness among the community specially during the public campaigns (EPI) and epidemics Supported by WVI.