Responding of Refugees

NIDO has along experiences to serve refugees  since 2017 while NIDO with UNHCR established Kario Refugees camp  for Southern Sudanese Refugees in Bahar Elarab Locality , East Darfur state   , providing health and nutrition activities to South Sudanese refugees (SSR) and host communities of Kario and surrounding villages ,  Supported  by MSF-CH through CNVs from both communities,   to conduct MASS MUAC screening , Health education , Referrals Malnourished cases  TO MSF_CH  Hospital in the camp.

TSFP  program is  implemented by NIDO in Kario refugees camp  in East Darfur  and SSR camp in South Darfur Buram supported by WFP  and PHC in Buram Supported by UNICEF