Health Projects - PHC

NIDO’s focuses on the following lifesaving principles to contribute to the reduction of maternal and child mortality rates globally through:

  1.  Provision of comprehensive primary Healthcare (CPHCs) to communities through well-established primary health units or centers.
  2.  Achieve and maintain acceptable quality health and system standards.
  3. Establishment, empowerment, proactive and innovative community mobilization system.
  4. NIDO is operating 18 PHCs in South and East Darfur included integrated Health Services (Health , Nutrition and WASH ) Supported by UNICEF and WFP , the intervention of NIDO is among the Vulnerable  people affected by War , IDPs , returnees ,  Host communities and refugees of Southern Sudanese .
  5. NIDO implemented Community based activities with the partners ( WVI, IMC , and MSF-CH) among Southern Sudanese refuges in East Darfur .
  6. in the response of New arrivals and returnees due conflict in East Jebel Marra  , NIDO is operate Jawa PHC  in east  Jebel Marra with integrated Mobile activities in Filga and Abuhorira  Supported by UNICEF .
  7. NIDO Provide , Health promotion activities through the project of integrated health , Nutrition WASH services for people affected by war  in east Jebel Marra , Lieba and Tiba supported by IMC OFDA funds.
  8. in South Jebel Marra where hot spot area based community activities supported by WVI is implemented in area of Tely and Kirra .
  9. NIDO Provide Reproductive Health activities in South and Eat Darfur supported by UNFPA including :
    • Operating 2 PDI sites to serve  Most People at Risk (MARPs )  in Nyala Teaching hospital .
    • STIs with Lab Services.
    • Rehabilitation of Maternity ward and Lab room.
    • Case Management of rape (CMR ) activities .