About us

Name: National Initiative for Development Organization (NIDO)

Registration Number: WGD/ MAA/ 39/1

Address: Khartoum, South and East Darfur States (Nyala, Eldain)

NIDO strives to see that the poor men and women in the Sudan Africa, are able to take control of their destiny by influencing policy makers to listen to their voices and also be able to challenge all dominant power structures in society so as to build a wealthy self sustaining societies and healthy environment NIDO sees this as crucial to reduction of poverty and a precursor to sustainable development.

NIDO exists to facilitate learning, sharing and the continuing evolution of reflect experiences in the Sudan & Africa, in order to build a critical and enlightened mass of men, women, boys and girls empowered to realize their rights, ideals and values.

1. To provide primary Health care packages Focussing on PHC which will including (HIV/AIDS + TB, RH, Health Education, Nutrition, EPI, PHC clinic)
2. To promote peace and Reconciliation among the Diversity group
3. To sustain access to basic primary education and vocational training for Children and young adults affected by conflict
4. To sustain and expand accessibility to safe/clean water and sanitation,
promote awareness on hygiene practices and enhance sustainability of implemented programme for South Darfur.
5. Involve the community to promote women empowerment and child protection
6. Care.
7. Economic Capacity of Vulnerable group strengthened through Food Security and Livelihood to Income & Capacity building.
8. To provide an assist on distribution of Food & NFIs to needy areas.
9. Protection of Women and Child rights.
10.Participation on peace building activities and projects.
11.Care of rural women & pastoralist women.
12. To participate with others, to solve the water problems in urban and rural area
13.Environmental conservation and water harvest.
14.Participate , implement on development projects in rural areas
15.Youth capacity building
16.Provide care and services to livestock

NIDO will focus on the core principles and values on which the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement was founded. These principles and values, which include humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence, influence its work, both in time of crisis and during routine tasks. NIDO was established to improve
human suffering worldwide, without discrimination, based solely on need. It has carried through its commitment to these values and firmly believes that they can be strong guide in our humanitarian intervention.
– Human dignity and Gender equity
– All women and men are equal. They have equal rights in the society and participate in the development activities equally.
– NIDO will ensure participation of all poor people living in the working areas and provide special emphasis to the women participation as they considerably in backward position.
· All NIDO staff shall have the equal opportunities for promotion based on their experience and qualification considering gender perspective.
– NIDO Staff and management will ensure gender justice in all aspect of the organization.

Delivering humanitarian aid services to the target beneficiaries.
 Health (PHC)
 Food security and livelihood
 Agriculture & Livestock
 Peace Building